Ello all! Welcome to my blog. Aside from being a college student, I pursue anything my heart desires. Any questions? Ask away! Tweet me, follow me on Insta, check my Youtube out. @Born4TheWorld All the links are below! Contact me directly at Born4tw@gmail.com Enjoy

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  • Woww you are an amazing model! You are gonna go really far ☺️❤️

    Hey!  Aww.  Thank you so much!!  I appreciate that.  Feels good to have some positivity to balance out the negativity I come across <3.  

    I'm about to blow up your blog with notifications so I just wanted to let you know in advance. ☺️❤️

    My turn!!

    Ello all!  So after realizing that faking your laughter CAN lead to a real laugh and/or smile, I instantly knew I could make a short film out of that!  This is how people reacted after being told to fake their laughter. Thank you to everyone who participated.  

     I hope y’all enjoy!  Smile.  Laugh.    


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